Bruno Medina

Learning about Azure

Set up DEIS on Azure using ACS Engine

First, we will deploy an Azure Container Service (ACS) running Kubernetes with ACS Engine. Then we will install DEIS on top of this cluster and create an empty app. Requirements Windows 10 bash or other unix based terminal. SSH keys and your console... [Read More]

Set up Elgg in Azure App Services

First we start a Web App in Azure App Services. We create a Github repo with the Elgg framework and push it. We set up the deployment source pointing to our repo. Now if we visit the site we have the install message ready to go. In... [Read More]

Set up Jekyll from you your Docker VM in Azure

First of all make sure you followed my previous post on how to create a VM for Docker on Azure. Jekyll is really simple to use, and what its even better is that there are plenty of themes that can be used right out of the box. I suggest you... [Read More]

Set up your Docker VM from the Azure Market Place

First things first, I will be using Visual Studio Code to edit my files, you can download it here. After you install it, make sure you can run it from terminal, here is how to accomplish that (if you are using Zsh use this post instead).... [Read More]