Curriculum Vitae

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My full name is Bruno Medina Bolaños Cacho, A.K.A. BrusMX and, I’m a passionate man committed to freedom… and software.

I come from a small beautiful city called Oaxaca located in southwestern Mexico. In this sensual and mystical place, we eat tlayudas filled with chapulines and we drink mezcal with a lime covered in hot chili worm salt.

My strengths

  • Highly Experienced. I have more than 10 years of real life experience in Software design, development and continuous deployment. I have provided happiness to my clients through quality software with more than 20 projects.
    A little advice for you guys out there: Adopt DevOps and stop firefighting.

  • Cloud oriented. I have been doing web and mobile apps consuming Cloud Services for over 8 years. At first, I had a Rackspace VPS (remember?) running our APIs and websites with Apache. Then, I moved to AWS with nginx, I even had my own git server (even before github was cool :P). At the same time, I had a couple of python apps running on Google App Engine.
    And now, I have migrated to Microsoft Azure. It works great!

  • Microsoft Azure Expert. SkyAlert is a popular app in Mexico that sends a notification whenever one of their 55 sensors (placed all over the country) detects an earthquake. This notification, containing the location and intesnsity of the seism, reaches out to hundreds of thousands of mobile devices.
    Well, I was the architect for this project and I designed all the services to live on Azure.

My education

My jobs

Microsoft Corporation

Senior Software Developer Engineer
July 2016 to date

  • Multi Partner Hackfest Engagements Coding elbow to elbow with our strategic partners to migrate their solutions to Azure. Topics: Kubernetes, docker containers, ADS, DevOps practices, Bash scripting, Batch AI, Distributed Systems.
  • Creating Workshops, conferences and hackathons for our Dev communities and, IT Camps for our IT Pro communities.
  • Evangelizing and engaging with No-MSFT communities and meet ups (Azure and DevTools adoption).
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Microsoft México

Senior Technical Evangelist
September 2015 to July 2016

  • Trusted advisor to ISV partners (Office 365 integration, Windows 10 app development, Azure workload migration)
  • Executing Architecture Design Sessions (ADS) and Proofs of Concept (POC)
  • Video production for CH9 and MVA.
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Disappster SAPI de CV

Software Architect
November 2013 to October 2015
Father company of the app SkyAlert.
One of the biggest challenges I had to face with this app was to design a backend capable of handling bursts of millions of requests in a matter of seconds.

  • Cloud computing architecture
    • Amazon Web Services design and architecture: EC2, S3, Route 53, RDS, SES.
    • Microsoft Azure solution design and architecture: Mobile Services, Blob Storage, Redis Cache, VM, Notification Hub, Websites, CDN.
  • Database design: MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Azure, SQLite.
  • App architectural design and development: Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1, iOS and Android
  • Project management: Requirements analysis, cost estimation, Pre-sales and sales negotiation, kanban assignation.
  • Software deployment: Staging and production enviroment configuration, webhooks, servers set-up, certificates installation.
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Futuro Móvil Consultores SC

Software Architect Consultant (NISSAN - INFINITI apps)
2011 -2012
Responsibilities: Main activities:

  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Server and resources scalations
  • App deployment strategies (Over 1000 iPads)
  • AirWatch (MDM) Management
  • iOS enterprise program management
  • Business Logic Abstraction and re-design
  • Security risk minimization
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Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores

Lead Programmer Analyst

  • Software Re-Design and development
  • Software and DB Maintenance
  • Client Apps deployment strategies (LTI, ZTI)
  • CITRIX XenApp integration for client apps deployment and consumption.
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Partido Surrealista Mexicano

Software Architect

  • Video stream software architecture (AWS EC2 transcoding, S3 for storing)
  • Client-Server application architect
  • API design and implementation
  • Server deployment and configuration
  • Multi-projects Management
  • Pre-sales and sales negotiation
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Consultoría Profesional MED SC

Software development